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As a huge gamer for many years I was tired of the backlash and hate found in online gaming, as well as the the sexism that is found within stories and characters. Now that E-sports with big video game franchises has become more popular there has been little representation of women in professional gamers.

Through cross disiplinary research and the use of design research I created Less Shaming More Gaming. Which was inspired by Jessica Walsh’s Ladies Wine and Design. A grass roots organization to combat gender exclusion within the gaming world.

Through this organization it would build a community for gamers of all ages to come together to discuss changes, ideation, host tournaments, and build positivity. The idea behind this is to allow the organization to grow through mulitple different chapters, and events that could feed back into the overall website:

The design solutions were through user testing of a Less Shaming More Gaming event, held on International Woman’s Day, a years worth of exploration of gendered items like underwear, colors, words, political figures, and sharing gaming expriences through self video recordings, and other women gamers.

Less Shaming More Gaming Research Writing and Design Work

Montage Video Self-Recordings: Emotions While Gaming

Illustrations of Influential Women In Games